Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peony Season

I've never had a favorite flower...until now. So big, bold and beautiful. How could I resist?

There are several colors, the most common I think are an intense blushy pink.

I always knew Peonies were Asian like me...but I never gave them much thought until I started noticing them in wedding magazines and blogs, blogs.

I saw them at the LA Flower Market the morning I was purchasing iris stems for Jenny's Bridal Shower. The lowest price I saw for them was $10 a bunch. Already toting armfuls of irises and snapdragons, it would have been purely a luxury purchase to indulge my recent obsession. I decided to walk away...

Later that day, while at Trader Joe's, I ran/walked out of line to look at the small bucketfuls of the perfect half-bloomed bunches tucked down at the end of each cashier counter. Only $6.99!

They don't last long, especially in a warm room-- maybe four days. They bloomed and bloomed and bloomed impossibly big. And then all of a sudden, dropped all their petals overnight. Sigh.

Snapdragons & Peonies

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