Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyone says GOOD GOOD EAT!

Look at how cute that pouty Asian girl is! Well, I'm assuming she's Asian. I suppose it's the power of suggestion from the Chinese characters hovering above her head. She could be English. Anyway, how could I resist her?

It's basically mini ramen noodle cakes. Salty. Crunchy. It was...meh. Not awful, not wonderful. It's a Taiwanese snack. We found it at Famima!! Kind of like a Japanese 7-11. This one featured an especially impressive beverage selection. Backlit rows and rows of colorful bottles in all styles, shapes and sizes. I think we spent 10 mins in front of that refrigerator saying, "Look at this one!" "That one is so cool!" "Ooo, check this one out!" I really dig Japanese packaging design -- innovative, striking, fanciful, bold, funny and even non-sensical at times.

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