Monday, November 23, 2009

Tangerine Cookware

I rarely go into Marshall's anymore. My penchant for shopping gets me into trouble there. The one I (used to) frequent usually has an especially enticing selection of designer labels strategically placed near the entry. And they've got an expanded shoe section. Sigh. I really do love shoe shopping. Anyway, I went in there a few weeks ago to pick up a bathmat. I found it and also two new non-stick pans, in orange! I had been searching for non-Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)) version. The word "green" in giant friendly font with a heart sprawled across the label did catch my eye. Actually, looking at it now, I see there are two hearts! Who doesn't like hearts? I am a sucker for good packaging. And, the pans are made in Italy. And you all know I have soft spot for Italians. :)

I made spicy grilled eggplant on it. Tasty. It accompanied sweet peas & cilantro dumpling soup and baked purple potato chips. Finished with a bloody red pomegranate. yum.

P.S. Today is November 23 -- 3 days before Thanksgiving. Today's weather in L.A. was insanely gorgeous. It was 78 degrees F. Of course, it drops down to the 40s at night these days. Chilly for SoCal natives like myself. But the daytime weather...can't be beat. I sat out in the sun during lunch, in shortsleeves and sunglasses. I think Betsy got a little sunburnt.

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