Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lovely to meet you Clare Vivier

Mine. I got it. After months of pining away, countless virtual visitations with it on the Clare Vivier website, and a Vivier appetizer that only whetted my obsession...I made one mine. I was tempted and slightly distracted by the red Mini Sac, for sure. But, but...the aubergine Messenger...sigh. LOOK at it.

AND, quite possibly the best part of this entire tale is that I got to MEET the fabulous Clare Vivier -- at her house. I got to see her workspace, her beautiful home, and one of the little boys running around smiled down at me from the top of the stairs. I could barely contain my enthusiasm so of course I got all awkward and didn't have anything interesting to say except, "I've been wanting it for a very long time." (Really elsie? Come on.) Back in the car, Sergio remarked that he doesn't see me this excited very often. "You're probably more excited to meet her than a celebrity." Um...Clare is a superstar in my book.

Of course I couldn't wait to take many, many photos of it as soon as I got home. It came with a cool blue storage bag. Completely useless for now as I intend to start using the Messenger ASAP.

Here I am with Clare. She, of course, looks fresh and elegant. Me, I'm wearing my crazy thrifted sweater that's way too big and that wild look in my eye? It's me barely being able to handle how awesome my day just got.


  1. Hey! I only just saw your comment on my blog last night, your CViv messenger is *gorgeous*! I am so jealous you got the Target clutch, and am also coveting the red mini-sac too! We're turning into CViv whores ;)

  2. hey Lois! i lurve my messenger. if it weren't for all this house relate stuff i've been doing, i'd own the mini-sac, la trop by now. i can't decide which would be my next cviv. loved the namesake. hope you did too!