Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Confessions of a Shoeaholic

For less than the price of those delicious ostrich feather creations (which I still covet), I was able to procure three (way more) affordable pairs to complete my warm weather foot gear wardrobe. It's been a few years since my toes stretched out in new summer shoes so when I found pairs that were super comfy, I bought.

The classic flip-flop, souped up with a seriously squishy footbed and rubber soles.

Versatile and sweet sandal flats, with a perforated insole and bendy rubber soles.

Very tall heels, also rubber soles. The platform make them surprisingly easy to walk in.

Ok. One of the key tips to preventing closet clutter is to get rid of one old item for every one new item that's brought in. To be honest, I have never implemented this tip for myself. So, earlier tonight, I set about making some decisions.

The first pair was easy. They're so cute that I wore them to death this past fall/winter. The inside arch is cracked and because I've worn down what little cushioning the thin soles possessed, my heels actually hurt when I wear them. And, I think they shrunk. Or my feet grew, which is possible I guess.

I dug further and have come to realize that I have a severe problem. The first step in defeating addiction is to recognize and acknowledge that there is problem, right?

Oh lord. They are nearly identical. Someone needs to stage an intervention. The pair I actually wear are the cheap vinyl ones -- on the right. They are the most comfortable. And, if you believe, they are my go-to shoes for rain because I don't have to worry about ruining them. I guess I should say ciao to the first two.

And then, there are these that I've kept for sentimental reasons. I've made wonderful memories (and traveled many miles) in this boots. I think I'll keep these for now. Maybe they'll come back into style.

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