Monday, May 24, 2010

Nearly Meat Free Monday

I read about the Meat Free Monday campaign on my friend Alyssa's FB post. And then I read that Mario Batali was embracing MFM in all of his restaurants across the country. It's a cool concept. From MFM website:
Meat Free Monday is an environmental campaign to raise awareness of the climate-changing impact of meat production and consumption. Many people are unaware that livestock production is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions – that’s more than the entire transport sector.
We've been eating less meat in general anyway. I didn't fully live up to MFM today - I did have a chicken sandwich at lunch. But I attempted to make an interesting meatless dinner using tempeh with a side of artichoke.

I used a little diluted Korean BBQ sauce in the grill pan to cook up the shitake mushrooms and tempeh -- which is already cooked but the packaging recommended grilling or frying it. I simply boiled the artichokes.

The shitake mushrooms turned out soft and flavorful. Delicious! The tempeh was sadly not. Yuck. We ended up throwing the tempeh out.

Maybe I'll try again. But probably not. The mushrooms, I'll cook again for sure though!

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