Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hepp's Salt

Salty fanciness.

DSC09187 Thai Ginger & Ghost Pepper 7 Fire Smoke

We found Hepp's Salt at the State of Unique show last month. It's amazing how much flavor Brian Hepp can infuse into the humble salt mineral. The savory crystals transform whatever food they're sprinkled on, added to, layering in deeper dimensions of flavor and aroma. Smokey, spicy, bright, nuanced... how does he do it?

Honestly, I've been stingy with the stuff. Will revisit here with photos of something I've actually used it in for reals.

We learned that they're based in Venice, CA but don't have a storefront (yet). Find their salt bars set up at local farmer's markets: http://www.heppssaltbarrel.com

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