Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Open Housing, including Ours!

I don't know why but I was incredibly nervous about our own open house. I don't think I was worried about what people thought of our home. I knew it looked amazing. It had never, ever, ever looked as good as it did for that open. Maybe it was from imagining all these strangers moving about in our private spaces, looking in closets, opening cabinets. It felt a little spooky. During the open, we grabbed lunch and went to see a couple of other open houses in the area. The thought occurred to me that we might run into people who had just been at our own house but we would never know. Wierd.

Eagle Rock
I'm actually not sure if we saw this one on this day or the preceding weekend. It was really big and had lots of rooms. But the layout was awkward for us.

South Pasadena
Meh. I made us look at this one because it's in SoPas. The schools are top notch here. But the house was just meh for us. Nothing special.

Mt. Washington
Dream house. View, neighborhood, move-in readiness, style, and a closet that would make Carrie from SATC drool. Wow.

When we came back home our agent let us know we had a couple of really solid back-ups. There was a lot of interest so that was good! She would take us on some open houses the following weekend.

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