Thursday, March 24, 2016

Officially on the hunt

We dropped Luca off with my mom and our agent picked us up. We hit up a local spot for breakfast sandwiches and chatted a little bit before heading out.

Mt. Washington
AMAZING. Architectural gem. Quirky. Sergio was seriously OBSESSED with this place. And it lived up to everything he imagined. It felt a little cold to me, and very much out of our price range. But we thought we could figure out a way to make it work. It was one super cool house. One of those places that identify the owners. We would be the family that lived in that house. We thought had a chance with this one because it wasn't being shown very well. There was a cat that couldn't be let out so we couldn't fully experience the design - which was completely folding walls of glass that opened up the entire space. And the tenants were all guys, and it smelled that way. It needed a deep clean. And it needed updating. So maybe all of that would be a turn off for other potential buyers.

Mt. Washington
I called this the death spiral staircase house. Frankly we thought the curb appeal was lacking. Mostly because the neighboring houses were nearly identical. Kind of like a mini-tract housing development -- just with three houses total. And the spiral staircase that connected the decks scared me. I wouldn't go on it. The house itself was huge! So much room. And it had been well taken care of = move-in-ready. And the view! The view! The BEST we had seen in Mt. Washington. Seriously, the best. Alas, the price was high for a house that didn't quite fit what we were looking for.

We also went back to the Adams Hill house we saw the preceding weekend. We didn't really have a chance on this one based on the traffic and number of offers already in or promised. This time around, the vibe was better. I really did love this one and could imagine living in this one quite easily.

We decided to make an offer on the quirky house.

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