Thursday, March 24, 2016

To Rent or Not to Rent?

We submitted an offer on that Adams Hill one. They were already in escrow so we became back up. They had the oddest contingency. The sellers required a rent-back at a specified amount (lower than would cover our mortgage) and wouldn't be able to move until July. I found that super annoying but it's a seller's market so I guess they could do that sort of thing. Sigh.

Meanwhile I scrambled to find a month-to-month rental. We went around and around on the type of rental we needed. Either big enough to hold all our stuff, or rent storage units and live in a lower priced place...or move in with my mom. None seemed appealing but I was getting super stressed about not having a place to live at the end of the month. I reached out to a ton of rentals, went to see a couple, and even filled out an application and paid for the credit check. After seeing the options, we decided that moving in with my mom temporarily was the most prudent.

Meanwhile we kept looking...

Glendale Hills
This one was a stunner! So gorgeous. And the open house was CROWDED. We didn't think we stood a chance so didn't take it seriously. They ended up with over 20 offers after that first open, many over a million and several all cash in that range. I can't even wrap my head around that.

Eagle Rock
I actually really, really liked this one. It was cozy and familiar. Just a block and a half from the Oxy campus. Totally move-in ready, kid-friendly, and the right amount of rooms. But Sergio really was not feeling this one. He really wanted our next place to be amazing and better than what we were leaving. This one was sort of the same.

Mt. Washington
This one FELT amazing inside. The vibe was refreshing, living in a tree house. The agent was also the owner and we really liked her. She was honest and friendly. If this was our very first house, we would have gone for it in a flash. It was priced right. But there just wasn't enough room for us.

Mt. Washington
I spied this one while standing on the deck of that spiral staircase house from a few weeks prior. At the time, I remarked, "Too bad that one isn't for sale." And then it was listed! So of course we had to see it, despite the smaller size. The view was of course, amazing. And the fireplace and front room were stunning. But the rest of the house felt kind of rickety. It definitely needed work. We passed.

Every house we looked at was getting multiple offers. We would have to move fast. But the inventory just was not improving! So stressful.

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