Thursday, April 7, 2016


We've been in escrow for a while now. We're exactly two weeks away from our escrow close date. They buyer of our house has been super flexible about letting us rent back -- pushing the date right up until the day before he needs to move in. We are paying him, of course, a lot of money. But damn we are so grateful also.

I'm not going to publish anything about the new house just yet. But it's one we had already seen and yes, one I posted about earlier. Immediately after leaving the Chevy Chase Canyon house, I think even while still parked outside of it, Sergio hopped online in a desperate final sweep of what was on the market. Maybe something new just got listed? Maybe we can avoid the seemingly inevitability of finding a rental unit... What he found was a price drop on an existing listing. He called me from the car and I agreed with him. "Let's go for it," I said.

Cut to yesterday, when we signed away final contingencies and locked ourselves in. We are so excited about this and dreaming away about when we finally get to move in. We won't be able to do much at first because we'll be pretty stretched. But it's nice to dream.

Now. Hoping all goes well and escrow close arrives smoothly, and move day goes as planned.

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