Saturday, April 2, 2016

Luca Turns Three

My sweet, sweet boy. You are the best thing I have ever done. Right now you are flourishing in school, making friends, and having fun. Your potty training at school is going so well, despite refusing to do it at home. There were some tough times right around 2 and a half when your nerves and your emotions were so raw. But right now, you are light and love. One of your classmates refers to you as the laughing or smiling Luca. You've retained your amazing unique little scamper: arms down, elbows locked, hands flailing, short little quick steps. You do an adorable little jig whenever you're happy. You wiggle in your seat whenever you taste something yummy. You're talking up a storm, singing, making up songs and words. You are obsessed with trains. Maybe you'll grow out of it, maybe not. You're making memories with the children of my own childhood friends. You're happiest when surrounded by your family - your PoPo, GungGung, Auntie, and Uncle included. You're a bit of a celebrity at the Dim Sum restaurant your PoPo takes you to - all the waitstaff come over to say hello. You're also bossy right now, and love telling your parents what to do, where to stand, whether to walk or run. Your confidence amazes me. Your joy is like a light. I love you Luca.

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