Thursday, April 7, 2016

Luca Turns Three: CELEBRATIONS!

We made it a bit of a birthday weekend, whether he knew it or not.

LACMA Rain Room
We took Friday off work to take Luca to the Rain Room exhibit at LACMA. I thought he would really get a kick out of it and run around. I even brought a change of clothes. But he wanted to be held most of the time. He said he liked it afterwards though. He had the most fun at the "noodle" exhibit. (Jesús Rafael Soto’s "Penetrable")

Low key day -- purposely unplanned. We had breakfast and he had a cupcake. We went home and hung out. He did watercolor on the deck.

I know, I always said he wouldn't have another party until he turned five. But we went to a couple of his classmate's parties and I felt kind of guilty. We kept it as easy as possible. Exactly 2 hours long at Travel Town, on Sunday. Pizza was delivered. My sister generously gifted the amazing cake. I paid for an hour of playtime through the Gift Shop - they set up an area on the grass, in the shade of a giant tree, and put out a bunch of tracks and trains. They had every character from the Thomas story, including the buildings! The kids were so excited. Luca especially loved seeing Cranky the Crane Hook. I'm not sure why but he really loves pointing out cranes. I CAN'T BELIEVE I TOOK SO FEW PHOTOS. UGH. Hopefully some of my friends will send some to me. GoPa Harold captured a really beautiful one of Luca waiting for cake. We were waiting for my dad to get back from the restroom and all the kids surrounded the cake table. They were so well-behaved. Only one tiny finger slowly reached out to poke at the frosting. It was cute.

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