Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bedroom 3.18.2010

Hey, remember when I said I would take a wider shot of the bedside? Well, ta-da! Actually, I already did here. But this includes the bed to give it some context.

We nearly cleaned the room in its entirety last weekend! In honor of this, I broke out the new duvet/sham set I had squirreled away. So clean and serene...

What? Where did I get those rustic yet chic, reclaimed wood, nesting bedside tables you ask? Why, I'll tell you. They are from a CBS prop sale. I know a we got the set for only $7. Yes I did. We had seen the same tables at the Shabby Chic sale from whence the crochet lamp came (where they were priced at around $200!). The new duvet set is from EQ3's Burbank store closing sale. Gosh, that's an entire corner made from unfortunate retail endings, huh?

If only the other side of the room was so neat and together...

It looks like a thrift store boutique. We really need to reconfigure our closet space to fit everything. I have entirely too many articles of clothing. Yet, I broke my fashion fast last weekend with a new sweater. And today, another three items. I lasted approximately one month. I'm so weak. :(

But, my new purchases make me happy. All four have a flower prints and are bright and cheery. Have I been jonesin' for SPRING or what? Pics of those later!

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